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  • About PostNuke

    About PostNuke
    PostNuke is a feature rich and highly customizable web based content management system. It is written in the PHP programming language and utilizes a MySQL database to store all user data, configuration settings and transactional data. PostNuke is an open source development project released on the GNU-GPL and is managed at PostNuke was originally based on the PHPNuke system but was split out in order to continue the development.

    Discover the Open Source Community
    Take advantage of the efforts and work of hundreds of developers from around the world. There are a vast number of resources and tools available from the open source community. With these recourses you can enjoy a feature rich website that would have been unattainable otherwise. By leveraging the open source community Awakened Design is able to deliver high quality websites running on the PostNuke engine at just a fraction of the price. To find out more about PostNuke visit and

    The Awakened Design Difference
    In many ways the open source software movement is changing the way that software is developed. Most people however have misconceptions that open source means "free" and "not as good". At Awakened Design we feel that this could not be further from the truth. The open source community is more of a common shared memory that allows developers world wide to benefit from the innovations and to learn from the mistakes of others. More often that not open source software is a starting point which you build off of; not a complete solution. The trick is to sort through the good and the bad in order to find just what you need.
    Awakened Design chose to develop web sites with PostNuke after evaluating several other open source content management systems. We chose PostNuke for several reasons but primarily because we felt that PostNuke offers a higher value to our customers through a better security model, flexible "module" based functionality and a highly customizable look and feel.
    After Awakened Design selected the PostNuke engine we ran a thorough evaluation process so that we can build and implement website with out experiencing problems. When you have a site built on the PostNuke engine Awakened Design will offer advice about how best to use the vast array of functionality to best suit your needs.
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