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About Strata-Sphere

The Awakened Design Strata-Sphere Engine 2.5
Awakened Design's Strata-Sphere Engine is a powerful tool for publishing dynamically generated websites that are both expandable and adaptable. The Strata-Sphere Engine will enable Awakened Design to create your website in less time and at a lower cost than a static HTML implementation. Subsequent modifications and expansions of your Strata-Sphere driven website will also be cheaper and faster to implement.
When a user requests a page within your website, the Strata-Sphere engine will generate it from a custom HTML template in response. A static HTML implementation requires every page within a website to be tediously created by hand. This requires far more labor to construct and maintain, which is more costly and error prone than a web page generated by the Strata-Sphere Engine.
The Awakened Design Strata-Sphere Engine is based on the XSSI standard. XSSI stands for Extended Server-Side Includes, which is a set of commands provided by the freely distributed Apache Web-server software. Apache will act upon XSSI commands when a web page is requested, but before it's sent to the browser. Therefore any XSSI commands will be invisible to the browser. Unlike client-side languages like JavaScript or Dynamic HTML, XSSI isn't dependant on the capabilities of the browser. Consequently you can be certain that your website will function properly for all your visitors, no matter how they're browsing the Internet.
Apache is the world's most popular web server software. It's free, flexible, has legendary stability, and can be installed on all commonly used operating systems. The popularity and flexibility of Apache insures that there will always be an abundance of suitable, low cost web hosting solutions available to you. Let Awakened Design's Strata-Sphere Engine power your web presence by providing a cheaper, faster, more flexible solution for reaching your customers online.

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