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Don't leave things to chance.
  • Complete System Testing
  • Performance Testing
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  • E-Commerce Solutions

    Is your business working for you 24 hours a day?
    The Internet and E-Commerce have drastically changed the way we do business. In this new economy markets and consumers are no longer confined by physical boundaries. An online storefront is just what you need to get the most out of your business. Receive all of the benefits of a mail order catalog with out the hassle of maintaining one and connect with customers from all over the world as easily as the customer next door.

    Let Awakened Design do all the hard work.
    An E-Commerce store needs many things to be successful. It needs to be safe and secure before a shopper is willing to buy. It needs to be easy to shop and easy to find or your customers may get lost, and it needs to be easy to maintain or the site might never reflect what you actually have in stock. It sounds complicated but let Awakened Design show you how easy and rewarding running a successful E-Commerce store can be.

    Awakened Design builds high quality E-Commerce stores using Miva Merchant a dynamic browser based storefront development and management system. Miva Merchant's browser based administration interface provides access to an array of sophisticated tools to maintain your E-Commerce store from anywhere in the world where there's Internet access. Our design team knows how to get the most out Miva. We'll put Miva to work for you with a custom E-Commerce store built for your unique needs. The following is a basic list of what we offer.
    • A customized storefront targeting your clientele.
    • Online Marketing campaign guaranteed to drive shoppers to your store.
    • Dynamic site navigation and product pages.
    • Order processing with credit card certification and processing.
    • Web based store management system for adding and removing products and tracking inventory.
    • Data entry services to get your inventory online.
  • Learn more about Miva Merchant and our complete E-Commerce Solutions.

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