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Strata-Sphere Engine Strata-Sphere Engine
Internet Publishing Solution
  • Exceptionally expandable and adaptable,
  • Cheaper and faster to implement than static HTML
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  • Web Hosting Web Hosting
    Starting at just $12 /month
  • Host your website on a high performance web server backed by,
  • A network that provides speed and reliability.
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  • Design Consultation Design Consultation
    We want you to succeed.
  • Our web professionals will cultivate your prefect online presence
  • Lets us use our experience to benefit your business.
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  • Strata-Sphere Services

    Customize to fit your needs
    Get the website you want. Start with our basic package and add additional services to meet your goals.

    Basic Strata-Sphere Site Implementation
    Site Implementation
    Includes a design review and the creation of one mockup. Implementation consists of the installation of Awakened Design's Strata-Sphere engine a highly scaleable dynamic web page generation engine.
    Images and custom graphics
    Images that need to be created from mockups such as page titles and navigation images.

    Additional Services
    Additional Mockups
    Each mockup is a snapshot of what your new Website could look like. Our experienced designers analyze your products and brand image, in order to create a completely custom look and feel for your Website. Purchasing mockups will improve your customers experience and enhance your online branding. Our designers may suggest improvements, which require development resources to implement.
    Flash Navigation
    Add that extra kick to you web site with animated navigation including sound and support for users without the appropriate Flash player.
    CGI Scripts
    CGI scripts can be used for email forms on contact pages, hit/visit counters on your homepage and a wide variety of other functions.
    Logo Creation
    If you don't have a logo or if you'd like a new online brand, we will create a striking and memorable logo for your web presence.
    Processing Digital Images in Photoshop
    High quality images will instill trust in your online brand and your products. Our digital imaging specialists will prepare the highest quality web ready images possible.
    Scanning Hard Format Images
    Images need to be in a digital format in order to be processed for posting on you web site. If you don't have digital images of your products, our digital imaging specialists can scan photographs.

    Professional Services
    Sit down with our experienced web professionals to discuss your specific business needs in order to cultivate your prefect online presence.
    Professional Photo Shoot
    The highest quality images are created from an on or off site photo shoot with our professional photographer.
    QA Services
    Need to know how many simultaneous users you Website supports? or, do you need to be able to retest you site with only a few mouse clicks? Our quality assurance engineers can perform load testing, generate an automated test script or perform functional testing. Learn more about our QA Services.

  • Contact Us today to get started or learn more about the Strata-Sphere Engine.
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